About Me

The gentleman in the picture with the unkempt hair is moi, Prayag. I'm in 9th grade, and I live in the United States. I've always dreamt about new and meaningful ways that people can connect, and now, after lots of exploration of the capabilities of software and the avenues it can create, I want to put those dreams into action.

What I like

I love old things: old tech, old movies, you name it. Part of it is the look and feel that makes me feel nostalgic for something I never experienced, and another part is my curiosity behind how they made people's lives meaningful and vibrant before staring at a screen became loathsome. I want to try to bring that nice feeling into my works.

I also like computer data, because even though it seems plain, the way you present it is really what makes all the difference. Take weather data, for example: anyone can go to a weather website and get the temperature, chance of rain, etc.; but what about creating colorful indexes for practical uses, like an ice cream index or a laundry index? I love thinking about what I can do with data to make an impact in people's everyday lives, and that's what I want to do with my server.

I also like video games, because fun and also because they bring out this childlike carefree feeling that's becoming rarer for me nowadays.

I'm fascinated by animation, especially from Studio Ghibli, because it's so moving how people will physically draw events that are filled with emotion and thought.

What I can do

I am very fluent with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I've taken one Python course in school, and in the near future I want to add C++ and Java to my list of programming languages. Now, the thing with coding is that I do well for the basics, but my brain's not big enough to remember every single thing, so taking trips to Google is a regular undertaking 😆.

I can also draw as good as frick, and for my animation skills I have one janky GIF to prove my worth. I'll put it in the downloads section in all its 12 fps glory.

About this website

This website is not stored on a homebuilt server ☹️. But it is on free hosting with a level of security that makes it accessible to any and all browsers, and that's a plus to me because I'm insane. I'll be using this site to store any in-development goodies until they're release-ready. I'll also host downloads, a blog, and some other cute stuff, so stick around if you want to see some of that.

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